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15th March 2021

Q&Q Solutions strengthens Castings supply chain

As part of our mission to remain “ONE STOP SHOP” for machined components / assemblies for our International & Domestic suppliers, Q&Q is proud to announce its collaboration with South India’s one of the largest Foundries for supply of Spheroidal Graphite Iron [SGI] and Grey Iron castings vide a memorandum of understanding [MOU] with Autokast Ltd [ A Kerala state government undertaking] ...

18th December 2019

5 Great strategies to improve manufacturing efficiency

Efficiency is a key factor that decides the growth of any business. In manufacturing industries, efficiency in processes and manpower handling can significantly reduce costs, help in expanding the business by acquiring new customers, reduce impact on the environment and thus increase profits. So it is important for manufacturing businesses to keep innovating to improve the efficiency to stay relevant in the highly competitive and evolving economies. Here are some strategies that can help in achieving this goal. It is true that there are many successful business models and each has its own uniqueness. But the below mentioned strategies are common principles behind ...

10th Dec 2019

Expectations of Customers

In any industry, the key to a successful business is customer satisfaction. Without happy customers, no company can survive in this competitive world. In the manufacturing sector, just one mistake or an act of negligence on the part of the manufacturer can cause huge losses in terms of time and money to its customers. This might prompt the customer to change its supplier for their future needs. So it is essential to have good relations with customers and also to be constantly improving the processes and strategies to retain their trust and build up customer loyalty. But this is not an easy task because a customer’s expectations keep changing and evolving with time...