Celebration moments of Q and Q team birthday’s

Posted on 28th November 2022

Birth day celebration


Posted on 13th October 2022

Coming together is Beginning, Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.


Every successful organization would like to bring the team together for celebrations as it gives a way to feel good about the team and its accomplishments.

With no exceptions in the track of upcoming and thriving successful organization to be, Q&Q Solutions has set stage for it employees of all group companies commemorate an evening with fun filled activities & attractions.

These moments of celebrations, cheering, and fun that comes with every Team Bonding event can motivate employees to bring their job to the next level in Performance ! People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with and thus these events foster collaborations. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone and thus it improves communication. Simply put, it defines the environment you work in and makes up the personality of the Organization.

Women's day celebration - Q&Q lives with the walk the talk on Gender Equality and Equal engagement with mutual respect

Posted on 8th March 2022

Women make for only 12% of India’s manufacturing sector, which employs nearly 27.3 million people, suggests research by GE and Avtar. While the number of women employed is low, what we don’t see are the huge strides that the 12% are making, by carving out a niche for themselves and paving the path for future generations to take on roles that exist within a traditionally male-dominated society. We would like to take this opportunity to commend the extraordinary role women play in their communities and their workplaces.

That is why, We at Q&Q Solutions have vision & targets to steadily increase engagement of Women power not only on support functions rather on all Business & Value chain functions. Q&Q lives with the walk the talk on Gender Equality and Equal engagement with mutual respect.

Celebrations at a glance :

Women's day celebration    Women's day celebration

Q&Q Solutions strengthens Castings supply chain

Posted on 15th March 2021

As part of our mission to remain “ONE STOP SHOP” for machined components / assemblies for our International & Domestic suppliers, Q&Q is proud to announce its collaboration with South India’s one of the largest Foundries for supply of Spheroidal Graphite Iron [SGI] and Grey Iron castings vide a memorandum of understanding [MOU] with Autokast Ltd [ A Kerala state government undertaking]


An LOI was handed over in the presence of Industries Minister Shri EP Jayarajan in Thiruvananthapuram. Q & Q Solutions CEO S Gnanasekaran and Autokast MD Anil Kumar and Chairman KS Pradeep Kumar were present on the occasion.


A deep dive discussion between Kerala State Finance minister Shri Dr. Thomas Isaac and Q&Q Solutions CEO S Gnanasekaran with Autokast Ltd MD Anil Kumar around. Lot of queries were clarified and given go-ahead for this collaboration engagement between Q&Q Solutions and Autokast Ltd

This MOU not only helps Q&Q to secure capacity for 1500 MT per month, rather it also renders technical support with its expertise to improve capability & capacity to improve competitiveness across the foundry value chain.

Q&Q & Autokast had various sessions of review of this MOU and the final sign-off was done with an LOI for 3200 MT of castings supply as First phase development with Autokast for 12 components.

5 Great strategies to improve manufacturing efficiency

Posted on 18th Dec 2019

Efficiency is a key factor that decides the growth of any business. In manufacturing industries, efficiency in processes and manpower handling can significantly reduce costs, help in expanding the business by acquiring new customers, reduce impact on the environment and thus increase profits. So it is important for manufacturing businesses to keep innovating to improve the efficiency to stay relevant in the highly competitive and evolving economies. Here are some strategies that can help in achieving this goal.It is true that there are many successfull business models and each has its own uniqueness. But the below mentiones strategies are common principles behind these models.

1. Latest Technology

2. Employee Training

3. Pareto Principle

4. Effective Communication

5. Set Realistic Targets and Stick to it

First strategy is to use the latest technology and machinery in the manufacturing activity. New techniques for manufacturing are developed every day and not all may be relevant to our business. Being aware of these developments and identifying those technologies that would be useful for our manufacturing will greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency at a plant. Decision makers at manufacturing firms must not shy away from trying out new technology.

For example, in the machining industry that we are involved in, different types and grades of cutting tool inserts are used. These are consumables and hence form a significant part of the manufacturing costs. Q&Q Solutions has now launched a new brand of Carbide Inserts called “ForQQ”. The name means “For Quality and Quantity” and like the name suggests, the inserts are best in quality accompanied by low price. This innovative product offers twice the life at lowest price which leads to a significant reduction in costs. The cost savings is nearly 60 per cent with ForQQ Inserts. Industries must recognise the importance of such new technology and start using them for their own benefit.

Regular training of employees at all levels and equipping them with the latest management techniques, production handling methods etc can help a lot in industries. There are various workshops being conducted by governmental organisations and also private agencies. Such forums also help employees in connecting with people in other companies, share best practices with them, and meet prospective customers that may probably lead to new business partnerships. On the whole, employee training is a worthwhile business investment.

The Pareto principle is more commonly called as the 80/20 rule. In business, the Pareto principle states that 80% of the business profits come from just 20% of the customers. It is important that we identify these 20% and earn their customer loyalty. This will increase orders and thus the profits.

Communication within and between the different departments in the organisation is an important factor that determines the efficiency. Regular communication with customers about the state of their orders is also necessary to develop mutual trust. Top management must also be open to listening to the views and opinions of the lower level workers. So industries must develop a work culture that nurtures transparency and team-spirit. This can be developed by conducting team-building activities once in a few months.

Decision makers must be realistic when it comes to setting targets. They must be aware of their potentials and capacities and take only those orders and accept only those delivery dates that they can fulfil satisfactorily. Once the target is set, it must be achieved under all circumstances.

The above list is not an exhaustive list. But this is surely the core principle behind the different methods that can help any company in improving its efficiency.

Expectations of Customers

Posted on 10th Dec 2019

In any industry, the key to a successful business is customer satisfaction. Without happy customers, no company can survive in this competitive world. In the manufacturing sector, just one mistake or an act of negligence on the part of the manufacturer can cause huge losses in terms of time and money to its customers. This might prompt the customer to change its supplier for their future needs. So it is essential to have good relations with customers and also to be constantly improving the processes and strategies to retain their trust and build up customer loyalty. But this is not an easy task because a customer’s expectations keep changing and evolving with time. Here are some of the major demands and expectations of customers.

Customers expect their suppliers to be reliable and deliver quality products on time. On-Time Delivery is a key factor that determines the choices of existing and potential customers. Fulfilling the business contract before the target date is very crucial for success. In the machined component industry, it is tougher to stick to targets because of the various processes and factors involved. If in such a situation, a company can offer high OTD, it will become the first choice for anyone looking for a reliable manufacturer of such goods.

Trackability of orders through digital means is another new way of building customer trust. In this highly changing digital landscape, customers would want to be able to track what is happening to their orders through digital platforms without having to deal with the individual persons handling the manufacturing activity. This also increases the trust of the customers as this transparency make them more confident of getting the consignment delivered on time and also predict any delays to be prepared for such situations.

For example, customer from Europe who has given an order for products like shafts, bushings or gears would be really impressed if each and every step in its manufacturing from procurement of raw material to CNC machining and finally the shipment of the goods is visible to him just by the click of a mouse. This visibility of processes to customers through digital workflows will make the activity more efficient as well by reducing the chances of miscommunication.

Most big MNCs and OEMs have specific code of conduct for their suppliers. This may range from complying with global standards in labour management, gender equal workforce, and environmental sustainability to product related quality standards. Being aware of these and taking steps to incorporate these in one’s firm can help in establishing it as a sought after exporter to global customers.

The above are just a few examples of the expectations and demands that customers put forth when they look to buy manufactured goods. Staying updated with these trends will be useful when preparing a strategy for marketing and production in a manufacturing company.

Industry 4.0 for Machine Shops

Posted on 30th Oct 2019

This is a Digital Era where everything around us has gone digital. Terms like software, SaaS, digitalization, online, cloud, etc. are often used in every sphere of life. This is a revolutionary change that has grabbed the attention of the industrial sector. The Fourth Industrial Revolution also called as Industry 4.0 focuses on digitalization of the manufacturing processes. Automation has struck the manufacturing sector by storm. It has made it possible to easily monitor and manage the day-to-day activities and manufacturing processes through a small device like a smartphone or laptop. It has also reduced the time, effort and costs involved. Errors have also been minimized and thus the overall productivity and efficiency has improved.

But has these developments trickled down to the lowers levels of industry like the small players in every sector? The answer is a big “NO”. Take for example the field of work that we are involved in. There are thousands of machine shops across India. But most of these still use pen and paper to keep track of the daily activities happening there. Only the huge firms that do business in billions feel the need to digitize their processes. But to sustain growth, going digital is a must. We at Q&Q have realized the importance of using software technology. We believe that even small and medium firms must take advantage of the latest technological developments in the field of manufacturing to see exponential growth. Our team of software experts have developed a cloud based software to make the work at our machine shop in Coimbatore paperless. Every operation like purchase orders, raising invoice, handling the CNC machining process, quality have been incorporated in our software. The software has streamlined all the activities involved in manufacturing machined component at Q and Q Solutions. This has in-turn delighted our global customers.

Coimbatore – The manufacturing hub of South-India

Posted on 28th Oct 2019

Coimbatore, a city located in the state of Tamil Nadu is well known for the hill stations and scenic beauty that surrounds it. But its identity is not confined to being a tourist destination. It is also an industrial hub that houses a huge number of small, medium and large industrial units. Coimbatore has a robust educational infrastructure, good connectivity and excellent work culture. The Coimbatore-Salem Industrial Corridor has strengthened and fast-tracked the development of this region. It has around 80 engineering and polytechnic colleges that supply skilled workers to these manufacturing units. This has attracted many well-known industrial players and helped them expand their presence in the city. The city is a renowned manufacturing centre for automobile components, pumps and motors. This probably gives the city the name “Pump City of Asia”. Major Indian car manufacturers like Maruti and Tata motors source more than 30% of their automobile components from the city. Coimbatore also has a huge export potential. It is already a major supplier of machined components to OEMs across the globe.

Our company Q and Q Solutions is based in Coimbatore. Our team members have been in the booming industrial sector in the city for the past 2 decades. We have seen the city emerge as one of the fastest growing cities in India. Our expertise and familiarity with the business and work culture here is our strength. Our focus has always been on proving our customers with quality products at the best prices. We believe this will make us a top player in the industrial sector in country very soon.

Diversification- the key to a thriving business model.

Posted on 8th Oct 2019

In today’s rapidly evolving economic environment, it is important for any business to keep diversifying its markets to survive. Adapting to this changing environment is also necessary to be successful. Our business has been growing fast since the past two years. Q&Q Solutions has seen huge success in the manufacturing of machined components for the Oil and Gas Industry. Our customers have rated us as a reliable supplier. But we also want to diversify into other sectors like Fitness, Aviation, Wind Energy, Agriculture, Robotics etc. Electric Automotive is another sector that is going to revolutionize transportation in the world. There is an increasing demand from these industries for steel, aluminium and iron components. Q and Q Solutions has increased its capacity to cater to these new markets. We have the capability to supply high quality CNC machined components with increased efficiency.

Sino-US Trade War – Opportunities for India

Posted on 27th Sep 2019

China has been the export hub of the world for the past several decades and manufactured goods from China were dominating the western markets. This situation is bound to change if the US-China Trade War persists. There are fears that this would disrupt the global supply chain and the world economy as a whole. But for competitors of China like India, this is an opportunity in disguise and as expected, we are stepping in to fill the void created by the Sino-US trade dispute. According to a recent report, India’s share of imports to the US has seen a 0.26 percentage points increase in Jan-Apr 2019 when compared to that of Jan-Apr 2018.

Keeping this big picture in mind, how can the manufacturing companies in the MSME sector in India gain from this? After all, the micro small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the Indian economy. We can serve as the solution to the escalating tariff barriers created by US targeting Chinese manufacturers. Indian sources are one of the most reliable suppliers of machined components in the low, medium and high volume category with various commodities like Iron, Steel and Investment Castings, Aluminium or Bar Stock. Indian companies also have advantages like a huge resource pool of trained workers and a favourable economic climate.

With focus on harnessing this potential business opportunity, we at Q&Q have increased our focus on the Western Economies, especially the US. With specialization in the industrial sector and our rapid development capabilities, Q and Q solutions is targeting the global customers who are in search of suppliers who can meet their requirements and standards.

Team Building Exercise

Team Building

A team building exercise for the team members was held on the 24th of july 2019 at Q&Q office in Coimbatore.Various activities were conducted to strengthen the team-spirit among the employees of Q and Q Solutions.

Q&Q Office inaugurated

Q and Q Office

Q&Q Office at Appanaickenpalayam was inaugurated on the 17th of February 2019. The ceremony was attended by all team members and our well-wishers.